How to write an effective Kijiji Ad that will get you customers TODAY!

Do you want to cut through the learning curve and start generating customers NOW?


If so here are 3 posting tricks you can use to start getting potential customers to call you and or start generating targeted traffic  to your site today . Since your course of action depends on what kind of business you’re running I will give you the fundamental principals on writing an effective Kijiji Ad title that should work for almost any business and all you have to do is adjust, test and fine tune it until you’ve found the magic formula.

And I don’t use the word magic very lightly because when it comes to marketing any business I have not found a more immediate and effective free way then with Kijiji and craigslist. Whether you run a home service business, training /coaching, health, network marketing  or even if you are a professional trades person such as a lawyer or accountant posting free ads on Kijiji and Craigslist works in getting customers fast. Although I may have not mentioned your business specifically chances are it will also work for you.

Hint: Start with Kijiji rather than Craigslist because not only does Kijiji now get more traffic then Craigslist but I have personally found it to be more effective. But still use both for testing and refining your Ads.

The root of what I am about to share with you is all about focusing your marketing on spotlighting a problem and offering a solution. Using emotion and blatant transparency is also key for getting effective results. Appealing to a sense of urgency can also be extremely effective. In fact I have gotten my clients customers the very same day they hired me simply by posting FREE ads on these sites and using these methods I’m about to reveal.

First off you want to target only one specific region or location preferably the one you’re in. Hint: Try targeting smaller cities, boroughs and townships just outside of large urban cities because they tend to have a lot less competition then the big city regions due.

Hint: Shorter Ads are better and focus your efforts mainly on your Title. Since this is your first point of contact. Think of it like a Newspaper or article Headline that grabs the readers attention.

Next the trick is to place an Ad using specific wording in the title that matches your potential customers searches. For example I did a test and placed an Ad for a local plumbing service. So naturally I came up with a short list of keywords that I felt people would be searching for or that would catch their eye. Hint: Being different helps. So one word that I tested that worked like a charm was “Honest”. Even in a highly competitive category like “plumbers” do you believe that no one else even considered putting the word “honest” in their Ad title? Isn’t this #1 concern that people have when hiring any kind of trades person or contractor? Well we’ve all heard the nightmare stories about how someone we know got ripped off so of course honest y is a top priority in most consumers minds when it comes to hiring any kind of contractor. As a result I had my phone ringing not only that day but also for weeks to follow from people looking to hire an “honest Plumber”. Incidentally I immediately got hired by a plumbing company as a Marketing Consultant simply based on the fact that I was giving them paying customers even before they hired me officially. So you need to get inside your customers head. In order to do that you need to pick a specific market and target them specifically in order to get inside their heads.

Next you want to address the problem, check out the existing Ads on kijiji for your category and consider addressing a problem that no one else has mentioned or take a popular problem and present it in a whole new light. Let’s use plumbing as an example,  since clogged drains and leaking pipes appear to be the most common problems let’s focus on the one that creates the most urgency and that’s clogged drains. You would think it’s leaky faucets or pipes but trust me it’s not, since every home is well equipped with a plethora of bowls and buckets to catch drips. Remember this is about making a new customer today and a clogged toilet that someone can’t seem to unclog is an urgent matter.  So this is what we write:  Honest Plumber to Unclog Your Toilet TODAY!

Note: all the ads that use stock pictures, illustrations or no pictures at all. Which one would you call?

Now please make note that of a few things with the above Ad post title. 1. Select a keyword that separates you in this case “honest” works. 2. Address a specific problem and offer the solution. Clogged Toilet? No, unclog your toilet today. 3. Urgency factor, when can I get my problem solved? TODAY! It’s all there plus notice how I capitalized the first letter in each word and also the entire last word? This is just like a newspaper headline and has proven to work. Please don’t do all caps all the time in your title, it is usually less effective.

Hint: Normally I would write plumbers, plural because 9 times out of ten that’s what people search but I found that the singular in this case worked better for responses. I guess people believed that there could be “An Honest Plumber” versus several honest plumbers. The singular also adds a human element to it that has a tendency to make people more comfortable rather than dealing with a big company which the plural implies.

Lastly you must add a geo specific keyword such as a city name, borough or district in your title for several reasons. One is because if someone is searching for plumbers they are either searching directly on kijiji or on a search engine like Google. Either way you can guarantee that 99% of the time they are putting their specific location in there. For example I live in east Toronto in a large area called Scarborough, if I’m on kijiji or Google looking for plumbers I need one now and so naturally I’m going to search for “scarborough plumbers” or “scarborough plumbing”. So be sure to put that keyword in your title. Now here is how our Ad title ends up as:  Honest Scarborough Plumbers to Unclog Your Toilet TODAY! By the way the shorter the better so I may also test this title on another day: Call Honest Scarborough Plumbers TODAY! Then address the clogged toilet issue in the body of the add.

As for the body of the Ad keep it short and simply just re-iterate your title:

Local Honest Plumber in Scarborough available now to unclog your stubborn toilet or drain. I have “blank” years experience and I pride myself on being clean, tidy and efficient. Call me now and I will come today. Fast, reliable service.  No hidden fees. The quote I give you is the price you pay. Call me now: Andrew (416) 555-4438

Like I said short and sweet. Also rather than trying to sound like a big professional company, instead personalize it by adding something personal about yourself. For example you can mention that you live in that area with your amazingly generous wife and two adorable little children but only if this is true. People always respond to this kind of marketing.

Note: how I really personalize this Ad by not only mentioning my boys but I also included a really cute pic of them as well. Incidentally I Just posted this Ad 40 min. ago and I already got my first call and the hilarious thing is I'm not even a plumber.

Lastly, always, always, always upload at least one photo with your Ad. Kijiji allows you to upload several so the the more the better as long as you use  real photos of yourself , your work or something that you’re passionate about that you’ve taken a picture of like your kids, pets or your car. It does not have to be related to the service you are promoting as long as it has to do with you in order to be effective. Please don’t use stock photos.

Now please go test out writing ads and posting them just to see if you can make your phone ring and let me know if it worked. You can even post my sample ad and include your phone number then your phone rings with a new potential plumbing customer just say sorry we’re all booked up today or pass them onto a plumber you know. The key here is to keep testing daily until you find the magic formula that works for your product or service. If you want to drive traffic to your website instead of having them call you just make sure that you have a lead capture form set-up to add them to your email list.

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